{Dramatic Flare}

oren5_b&wPracticing in dramatic flare has always been a choice of lifestyle I repeatedly made through the course of time… There’s something extremely satisfying about enlightening a stranger’s curiosity, being a part of that fleeting moment that will stay with one throughout the day, or maybe even last for more… Hats, and other head dressing affairs, were there through history, aiding women in mysterious conquests of attention from the opposite sex, accentuating grace and drawing a statement; Adding height and power to the ones in need and at times simply keeping our most valued asset warm…oren3_b&woren_b&woren4_b&woren6_b&w

Thank you Amazon Fashion for sponsoring an essential addition to my {dramatic flare} hat collection, I certainly will revisit… In such “cool” weather (what is up with that blizzard?!?) hats are becoming my everyday necessity, why not doing so in style?

Wide brim fedora hat via Amazon Fashion, Leather jacket from my collection, Vintage skirt and a pair of boots from an unidentified brand (snatched these in Buffalo Exchange, brand new, no labels attached…).

Huge thank you to Oren R Cohen for coming all the way to Astoria (my new – first time out of Manhattan – residence!) to capture these…!


Amazon Fashion {Mild Addictions}

Amazon Fashion

1.MANGO Faux Shearling Jacket $109 , 2. Pilot Lorela Fedora Hat $20,  3. Satin Dress Gloves $12 , 4. MILLY Dalmation Print Travel Tote $287 , 5. Mango Silver Skinny Belt $19.99, 6. Diane von Furstenberg Women’s Glenda Bootie, $245

One of my favorite aspects of this whole Amazon Fashion ride is how varied (and sometimes oh so random) the selection is, you can get everything from a designer handbag to a $5 Binnie in a click,  it’s really up to you how fashionably coherent the outcome is. Personally, I’m a HUGE fan of a successful combination of high/low, nothing beats getting compliments all-day-long for a 10$ find…! The “problem” is, when you shop on Amazon Fashion all of your mild (or perhaps not so mild…!) addiction float to the surface and you find yourself with ANOTHER pair of black leather booties… Madly inlove with the Satin Dress Gloves ($12 baby) and seriously considering the MILLY Dalmation! Oh boy here we go again…………..!

Success! {Amazon Fashion}

Amazon Fashion 1I’m one of those people that have very little faith in coincidences, and in retrospect; stopping by that sign the other day pretty much sums up my hectic New York life lately. Always in motion, plowing through little to no sleep for the sake of creation (if you’re a little out of the loop, for the past couple of months I’ve been part of a design team working around the clock on the new outerwear extension for DVF, I hope Diane appreciates the extra effort…!). In times like these online shopping suddenly makes a whole lot of sense, and to be honest it took me a while to warm up to the idea since I’m pretty old-fashioned when it comes to a “proper” shopping experience, but sometimes dipping into something new results in a pleasant surprise…! A huge thank you to Amazon Fashion for pampering my fall wardrobe, your timing could have not been better… Modern life (especially for the career aspiring species) calls for creative solutions and Amazon Fashion, might as well be one, not only the selection is positively overwhelming (from coveted handbags through hugging sweaters all the way to fabulous hats) but also the hassle of shipment and delivery is completely taken care of. I was a little worried to have everything shipped on the week I was both moving AND having a major reconstruction at my office building but every single item made it -despite all obstacles- right into my hands! Success is such a relief even in matters as minor as ordering an over-sized grey sweater! Speaking of which, isn’t it the very definition of cozy-chic?Amazon Fashion2Amazon Fashion 3Amazon Fashion 5

Over-sized Grey Sweater and chain/leather belt by MANGO via Amazon Fashion, Black Denim from H&M, Pom-Pom hat from Forever 21, Shearling Muff from my collection (finally I get to use it!), Leather gloves from Moscow (gift from my Mom…) and Patrizia Peppe Leather booties…

Thank you to Oren R Cohen that accompanied me on a freezing Sunday to capture these, and to Harper’s Bazaar for opening my horizons for the online shopping world, better late then never ha? Stop by soon to see the rest of my victorious finds on Amazon…



{Keeping It BLACK} The Fur Salon

#TheFurSalonatSaksIf you’ve been following this blog for a bit, you know how attached I am to my “Blacks”, for CHIC or for comfort (even for exercise) black is my closest confidant. And there’s absolutely no argument that combining the two of my favorite things (Black+Fur) is a double treat. I feel like, it is very hard to go wrong when “doing” black fur, you can layer it up and mix as many textures as you please, get dressed in less than 5 minutes (no color coordination skills required) and without further re-due look rather impressive. My new favorite fur salon in the city- at Saks Fifth Avenue (Oh my goodness, have you been???), definitely luring me into expending my fur repertoire… Until I do, here’s a little flashback from previous Proper Attire posts playing up black furs;mg_8102-final-websizeI am a huge fan of fur vests; it’s a great fall transition and when it get’s a little frosty, you can always layer it up on top of your favorite leather jacket… I like the Persian Lamb by Brunello Cucinelli, from The Fur Salon at Saks {check it our here} very luxurious but still kind of laid back, right? Or perhaps the Alberta Ferreti multifur coat is your cup of tea??? Well it sure is mine… frame037Another great way – and probably the most prominent throughout the history of fur –  is with a lush fur collar. It’s a more humble expression indeed, but to be honest, sometimes you’re simply not in the mood for a full-on fur coat and just a soft frame around your neck is enough… Or around your bun;img_6123Either way you choose to go about indulging fur, do it with great consideration to your own sense of style. With the elaborate craftsmanship techniques furriers are skilled with today along with the abundant variety of different breeds available, there are very few limitation to the effect one can achieve, whether you are looking for the understated or the flashy (both can be a whole lot of CHIC when done right) seek out a reputable source that can not only assist with choosing the right fit for you but also follow up with care to your fur in the long run. I don’t know how about you but I get excited when I hear; “Update, Reimagine and Completely transform” in one sentence!

Image Credits; At the top of the page image courtesy of The Fur Salon at Saks, 2nd image shot by Eldad Carin (see full post here), 3rd image by Michael R. Dunham (see full post here) and last but not least was taken by Guy Prives (see full post here). Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! And now since duty calls at 8am tomorrow morning (all jokes aside, that’s early!) I’ll retire to my new bedroom (guess who moved again?! a separate post on the subject soon..) Goodnight!

Marvelously Fuzzy {The Fur Salon}

hbz-november-2013-warm-up-to-falls-new-coats-06-altuzarra-coatI am not quite sure when exactly my fascination with fur had started but I can tell you for sure that breezing through childhood in Russia without the proper (cold weather) “gear” was never an option. In my earliest winter memories from our country house (just a short drive outside of Moscow), fur was always a feature… I remember how plush my dad’s big fur hat looked, making his silhouette even more impressive as he entered the room, shaking off a stubborn cluster of snow flakes… And my mom’s as-soft-as-it-gets Mink coat framing a kind smile, adding to something as simple as a warm hug a allure one doesn’t need to fully comprehend to appreciate…

In Russia, fur always was and always will be so much more than just a way to save ones soul from frosting away in the dead of winter. And as I grew up I understood that those lustrous pelts were always about, you guessed it, status. In a much more progressive era, with abundance of heating artifices and new textiles all around, fur is “surprisingly” more desirable then ever… Fashion designers from every fashion capital to imagine have incorporated fur coats gracefully “waltzing” on their Fall runways these past couple of seasons. But you know what, as incredibly “fashionable” a chunky freckled monster of a coat could look great on a runway, when it comes to purchasing a fur of your own, considering the great monetary investment, timeless luxury is what you’ll probably end up going for, if only for the purpose of longevity of something so… remarkable in your wardrobe. Recently, I’ve been introduces to The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue and been exploring their marvelously fuzzy selection with quite the delight (yep, indeed). Below, is a sample of an updated classic in marble-dyed rabbit fur with knit-trim I am fond of;BIRGER_P8[1]The thing is with fur, it’s so… How should I put it, substantial, one must be careful when styling around it. Meaning, I think fur should always be paired with something more relaxed and casual so you don’t across as a stale mademoiselle (no offense to all the  fabulous ladies who lunch…) while in your 20’s or 30’s, to think of it even 40’s! Fur should look regal but never over done. Lately, I rediscovered my affection to denim and what better way is there to balance out a mink coat if not a great pair of washed jeans? Also, I like to keep things playful, red perforated leather gloves and kitty ears on your hat? Why NOT?this and thatStyle it up; Clockwise from top; ASOS knit hat, Calvin Klein bootie, a stack of jeans, Moschino Perforated gloves, Sweatshirt & Haring Bone scarf from ASOS.

Image at top of post courtesy of Harper’s BAZAAR November issue 2013, 2nd image courtesy of The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue. Stay tuned for much more FUR coming your way soon 😉

Going Vintage {Dooney & Bourke}

_MG_1286DFor the second look of our Dooney & Bourke celebration I’ve decided to take things into a more Vintage direction… I think many of you will agree with me when I say that Dooney is a classic, all American staple. Launching from Connecticut in the mid 70’s the founding duo (Peter D and Frederic B) has come a long way from belts and suspenders offering the iconic duck emblem (and the bag that comes along, off course) to a wide array of women, from the functional carry-all’s to the more fashionably-cheeky-girl… The tricky part for me when looking for the right bag, is fitting everything I need on an average crazy day in a graceful manner, and the Clayton satchel (featured in this post) is a huge success in my book. _MG_1191D_MG_1128D_MG_1327D

Welcoming the chilly weather with a “self-sourced” Pom-Pom (a day of wondering around in the garment district, looking for the right shade of red fur pom-pom is totally normal right?), a shrunken vintage Gucci sweater and a pair of 70’s inspired wide leg jeans (Earnest Sewn) with the famous Clayton Satchel by Dooney & Bourke. Thank you Dooney & Bourke for a wonderful gift for Fall, and to Harper’s BAZAAR for keeping things exciting!

Huge thank you to my A-Team Alexa Koegel (aka Lexii Kay, our lens-lady) and Maura Burns (responsible for every perfectly curled lock) for tagging along on this little adventure. Hope you’re excited for the change of weather, and stocking up on your own collection of Pom-Poms and Ducks! Ooh, speaking of which, how adorable is THAT?

Clayton Girl {Dooney & Bourke}

Dani Dvash for Dooney & Bourke Clayton Satchel So you may have noticed my presence here was somewhat sparse lately (to say the least!) but I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing this from the last drops of my energy for the day because this post is a double celebration! As a perfect gift for my new position (!!! Yes indeed, say hello to the new Assistant Designer for the outerwear division at DVF) Dooney & Bourke completely spoiled me with this beauty of a classic, to accompany a whole new segment in my wardrobe. It’s funny how all off a sudden my skimpy skirts don’t really make a whole lot of sense in the workplace, not because someone will ever comment (or care, it’s fashion after all…!) but because – these days I crave to define myself and the way I dress in a new manner, prioritize some things above others and evolve into this new role I’m so eager to explore. In other words, I am beyond excited!!! Hope you enjoy the first look out of a series I did in collaboration with Alexa Koegel (aka Lexii Kay) for the latest Harper’s BAZAAR styling adventure…! And a huge thank you to the lovely Maura Burns for the impeccable pony-tail! 1764Dooney & Bourke17921956Dooney & Bourke Clayton Satchel (more colors here), The Limited Mohair Sweater, Hand made scarf (a gift from my mom), Ralph Lauren pumps, Vintage watch and bracelets, Rings and Army green jeans from H&M and Sunnies by A.J.Morgan. Stay tuned for more…!

Photos by Alexa Koegel (aka Lexii Kay) & Hair by Maura Burns

MUUSE x VOGUE {Dani Dvash}

MUUSE BannerNot too long ago, I was celebrating my friends success with MUUSE, and now I’m almost finding it hard to believe that it is me running for the MUUSE x VOGUE TALENTS Young Vision Award!  In collaboration with VOGUE Talents, MUUSE is an incredible start-up company based in Copenhagen that supports young talent and constantly on the lookout for the next crop of fashion designers. The winning designers will have their collection developed and produced and most importantly SOLD online and in selected boutiques worldwide. If you haven’t yet, show your support to my interpretation of urban CHIC and VOTE; http://www.muuse.com/#!vogue2013/324-dani-dvash !

By the way, a neat fact; By voting, your name will be entered to win a piece by last year’s winner Ece Gozen, or a gift certificate for €500 in the MUUSE Boutique. {What are you waiting for???}

Thank you all for your incredible support!

Image by Nir Arieli


ELLE Decor7Wanting MORE from life all of a sudden seems like a fair desire. Post graduation life assessments are sort of inevitable, scanning in all the information and conducting a system analysis in the background became a second nature this past month. For me, in a way it all comes back to home; The heart of life, where we start and end the day, where we sit back and breath, where we recharge and quietly contemplate (mostly in the shower…!). In the midst of this assessment quest I found a piece of joy in the latest issue of ELLE Decor, the mirrored center piece made much sense, and quite frankly it still does. No shame in wanting more, shame in not trying to get exactly where you want, and not a mile short.ELLE Decor8ELLE Decor1 ELLE Decor5 ELLE Decor6 ELLE Decor2 ELLE Decor3 ELLE Decor4The humble Hamptons retreat of a Manhattan couple, Crafted by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts. Elle Decor June 2013.

A’ LA RUSSE {Thesis Collection}

Dani DvashI’ll always remember my first big fashion show in New York City. I was in my second year of college, and it was kind of a big deal since none of us really attended a show at Lincoln Center before, of course any real signs of excitement were banned from display. Street style photographers attacked with flashes like a fast cloud of bees (not one photo to be found till this very day! But hey…) and we, perfectly composed, smiled with content, passing by the crowds as though this all, was our daily routine… Apart from the commotion, what really left a lasting impression was how fast all of it was – gone. It seemed merely seconds after the last model had walked the walk, the grand hall was empty, and the crowds were on to the next… I think that’s when I really understood how exactly fast paced this industry is and how short ones celebration may be. It’s always about the next step, the next collection, the next show… So, before I stride fast “to the next” allow me to celebrate briefly and share with you my thesis collection!Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir ArieliAlli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir ArieliAlli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir ArieliAlli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir ArieliAlli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir Arieli Alli Nagode for DANI DVASH shot by Nir ArieliAll garments and accessories (apart from the shoes!) featured in this shoot were drafted, draped, tailored and sewn by your’s truly (an official web-site is already in the works!)

A huge thank you to all the talented people that took part in this production;

Nir Arieli – Photographer

Maura Burns – Hair

Amanda Bujak – Make Up

Model – Alli Nagode

Including you, Mr. Silverstain for practically making love to the reflector on set and keeping things fun as usual!